January 30, 2008

innovative leader

I've yesterday run in to a book 'Innovative Leader' from Paul Sloane. I've read it in a three hour trip on the train from Zagreb to Osijek. This describes how fluently it is written, and how interesting it was. Ok, I knew a bunch of techniques and examples shown in this book, but some things were really new to me. This is really a welcoming book to every new innovation manager or leader.
More about Paul Sloane on his website:

January 25, 2008


Take a look at this 'green' innovation which will save much money&fuel.
A newly built cargo vessel was towed by the innovative wind propulsion of the Hamburg-based company SkySails on the North Sea near Bremerhaven, Germany for the first time. The 160m2 SkySails supported the main engine of the 132m long Multi Purpose Heavy Lift Carrier MS “Beluga SkySails” of the Bremen-based Beluga Shipping with approx. five tons tractive force at low wind.

The shipping company and the manufacturer calculate that by using the towing kite system, a ship’s average annual fuel costs can be reduced by 10 to 35%, depending on the prevailing wind conditions. Under optimal wind conditions, SkySails estimates that fuel consumption can temporarily be cut by up to 50%. The first results are to be expected in the next few months.

January 23, 2008

radiohead makes everything different

Radiohead announced a small gig at Sunday morning in east London, and it was posted only on their web-site:
So, we’ve got a small gig tonight.

It’s in London at the Rough Trade East shop on Brick Lane, and we’re planning to play a short set of in rainbows material. It’s very limited free entry, first come first served. Also, as it might be a little uncomfortable for anyone queuing early, they’re planning a numbering system so people at the front of any queue can get snacks and toilet breaks in the store. Good bagels round there. But dress warm…doors won’t open until 7, and we’ll play at about 8.

For those who can’t get in - and it’s pretty small in there - we’ll have some screens and speakers outside, if we’re allowed. I think we are. And we’ll also webcast it. I’ll put the link up here, as well as any other info, later today.

Hope you can make it - should be….interesting. Us being us, we’re taking far too many instruments…..

But, this causes massive interest, so the concert has to relocated to bigger club, and at the end 1500 fans was enjoying the music (they assumed only 200). Because of that, the whole album was played at the end, not only a few songs as planned.
Just to mention that they are my favourite bend! They innovation in selling of their last album is astonishing, and they will maybe kick the music industry from it's place. They was givving their album for free (the fans was able to decide how much they'll paye for album). Album was generating 9,6 mil $ with 1,2 mil downloads.

January 17, 2008

unleashing eco-patents

First-of-its-kind effort to help the environment, unleashing dozens of innovative, environmentally responsible patents to the public domain. - Energy conservation or improved energy or fuel efficiency
- Pollution prevention (source reduction, waste reduction)
- Use of environmentally preferable materials or substances
- Water or materials use reduction
- Increased recycling opportunity


January 14, 2008

roller buggy

Baby carriage that can be transformed into scooter with special attention on security. So, it has a belt for a child and the hydraulic brake system with two disks for parent.
This is specially designed for fathers. I surely want one.
This product is idea of Valentin Vodev from Pixstudio - Vienna-Sofia creative team.

January 10, 2008

the future of europe lies in knowledge

Janez Potočnik, member of the European Commission for Science and Research said The Future of Europe Lies in Knowledge at the National Forum on Europe, in Dublin:
"We want to improve our quality of life and remain globally competitive. If we think about how best to achieve that, we can consider cutting costs or improving our productivity. Looking at the costs, then there are limited possibilities. I've not met many people who really want to drive down wages or drastically cut back on our social security standards. And even after we've made improvements in the flexibility and mobility of our labour markets, and we've engaged in reforms to cope with the ageing of our population, we will not have done enough to keep up with our international competitors. So we don't have much of a choice; we must increase our productivity. That means we have to create and apply new knowledge. And if we want to do that, there are three things that we have to improve: education, research and innovation."

January 9, 2008

ibm's top 5 ideas for next 5 years

IBM revealed a list with 5 top innovation that have biggest potential in next 5 years.
1. It will be easy for you to be green and save money doing it
2. The way you drive will be completely different
3. You are what you eat, so you will know what you eat
4. Your cell phone will be your wallet, your ticket broker, your concierge, your bank, your shopping buddy, and more
5. Doctors will get enhanced “super-senses” to better diagnose and treat you


January 8, 2008

portable fishtank

A classy way to carry fishes from pet-shop to home. The other solution is to carry fishes on little walk :) Only dog owners, can be proud on their pets on the street, now it's time for aquarist!

The idea behind this product is to allow children with divorced parents to take their fishes with them.

January 6, 2008

the one million linden dollars idea

Osram started innovation contest in December and tomorrow is last day for submission of ideas.
The information about this contest is available on Second Life on OSRAM island.
Everybody can submit up to 3 ideas, and after first filter, best 250 ideas will go to real contest. Next will include work on ideas and awards for the best.
This puts new light on Second Life as the platform for collaboration&work on new ideas.
I will prepare two ideas for this contest and submit it tomorrow :)

January 2, 2008

solar trees

10 solar panels at the top of every artifical tree, which gathers solar energy at day, and power LEDs for illumination at light.
- less pollution
- no underground intallation
- no power used from cities power system

January 1, 2008


Stand-up café with every-week new products! They have the formula "every week new experience", and I was surprised to see how classy and cheap are those products.
Innovative retail solution is accomplished with completely new line of products every week, with impressive sales through Europe. In a week when they was selling telescopes, they have sold more telescopes in 7 days then all other shops in Germany in whole year. It's a good reason for me to check their web site, every time before going to Vienna.