October 31, 2007

inno corner

In every location or building in company, there should be the small innovation corner. It should have a shelf with innovation magazines which are pubilshed inside the company or corresponding outsider magazines. Also, if there is a innovation program inside the company, it should be announced with broshure, poster or/and leaflet on that corner.
This should be the place where somoeone who wants to dring a tea or coffee alone could come and read something interesting and inspiring.
So, only thing needed is a shelf, magazines and a place for that!

October 30, 2007

idea campaigns

It's always the question, is it better to give a system a try, with just advertizining innovation inside the company or launch an idea campaign?
Idea campaign with good incentives can result with big number of filed ideas, but the quality of these ideas can be doubtful. There's also the issue, can you hadnle big number of ideas the same time, and how it will effect to innovation climate inside company if big number of filed ideas will be refused.
Something is the middle is the anwer: have an idea campaign, but let it go for the whole year, and after it launch the next one. then I would call it: Idea programm. There will be no pressure to file an idea before some deadline, and everybody will have the feeling that they can win one more incentive, except the standard one. Great thing with idea programm is that it can have own name and slogan, so that you can fill the company coridors with posters of your idea campaign.

japan's inno offensive

I saw today an article in Red Herring, where innovation strategy of Japan's goverment is described.

What's interesting is that Japan is planning to reform scholl and university system in order bring their young people more to other countries(continents) and to have more time before deciding about future career.

Other requirements, such as 'increase investment in science and technology' may sound normal.

After so many talks about China and India, it's good to hear something from one of the world's most innovatiing country.