April 9, 2009

100 posts

I just figured out that I reached 100 post two days ago! I'm still enjoying in writing short posts every once in a while. I hope that someone find it interesting at least a bit as far as I'm enjoying in writing ;)
First I was blogging more about interesting innovations and in last months I'm more oriented to innovation management.
I can't promise how this blog will look in next 100 posts as I simply don't know!

April 6, 2009

10 ways to achive innovative climate in your organization

Second post from Top10 series:

1. Try to have fun, that’s the right way for creativity.

2. It’s ok to make mistakes, without mistakes, there will be no new ideas as there is a need for lot of ideas to have successful innovation.

3. Fear is your first enemy! Push away the fear from your workplace and innovation can replace it!

4. Promote successful ideas and their creators with brochures, intranet...

5. Try to keep process of idea-evaluation as simple as posible and as fast as posible.

6. Use piece of software for idea generation and evaluation

7. Customers are great source for new incremental ideas, try to use it!

8. Use new employees as the source of new ideas, they are looking to your organization with ‘fresh’ eyes and can generate improvements to your processes

9. Put innovation into a head of every person in the company, everyone should think and talk about it!

10. Try to push your colleagues with idea-contest if needed

April 1, 2009

yugo - what a bad idea

I've just read Business Week article where car from Kragujevac was mentioned:

"Also, low-priced offerings for lower-income regions often carry a stigma. Even a quarter of a century after the Yugo was introduced as the cheapest car in the U.S., the brand name remains synonymous with shoddy materials and workmanship, and is a reminder that quality is as important as price in industrialized nations."

I remember the times when 'Yugo goes to America' was a big story in former Yugoslavia, but soon other stories came back and there were no much time gone, when we watched how Americans make fun of this car in the movies. So, Yugo is the type of idea that everyone should avoid - it was the bad idea to go to biggest auto-market with cheap product which hasn't have no minimum expected quality. And this product was so ridiculed, that it tombs down all other attempts in the future to put new(better)product on the market.
I can still see some remains of this production on the streets of my town, as small number of Yugo's are still roaring.