January 31, 2009

wipo patent filings 2008

For the first tiime on chinese company(Huawei) is on top of the list of patent applicants, while Panasonic & Philips are others on top 3.
Other companies in top 10 are: Toyota, Robert Bosch, Siemens, Nokia, LG, Ericsson and Fujitsu.

Looking among countries USA, Japan & Germany are followed by Korea, France and China.
Countries from Central Europe have following number of patent applications: Slovenia 108, Czech Republic 155, Poland 129, Slovakia 40, Hungary 173 and Croatia 56.
Croatia is sadly, only country where number of patent applications is decsreased (from 79 to 56).


January 30, 2009

ford's process & product innovation

When I was a school-boy I watched TV-series about Henry Ford with my father. He was really enjoying it, specially when they show how he made the new manufacturing system or process - the same one on which my mum was working for many years. Brilliant process innovation in the beginning of 20th century.
But the thing which was most impresing to us in this days - it was mid of 80's/last century - was that he made the car that many can buy. I'm not sure how to classify this innovation - it fits the best to product innovation.
However, Ford model "T" was cheap, easy to drive and easy & cheap to repair --> what an innovation!

January 29, 2009

eu inno scoreboard 2008

Innovation Scoreboard for 2008 is published. As stated in this publication, Innovation leaders are: Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark and UK. Above EU average are Austria and France and below are Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and all "new" members.
Fast growers in catching-ip countries are Bulgaria & Romania. Croatia and Lithuania are ranked as slow growers :(
It is noted that EU is decreasing it's innovation gap with US and Japan, have a look: link

January 19, 2009

local idea hero in organization

Main roles for the person selected as innovation-driver in organization:
1. well-known in organization as innovation-driver and open for any kind of questions
2. running innovation system and improving it
3. be sure that everyone knows about idea process(how to submit idea)
4. taking care for ideas that waits for any decision for long time
5. knows about each submitted idea and keep an eye on innovation metrics, such as no. of submitted ideas, no. of realized ideas and other metrics + creating new inno.metrics if needed
Other roles such as connecting intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs with innovators, can be the part of innovation system and be managed by other persons.

January 14, 2009

creativity moment

I saw interesting article in newspapers about time for creativity.
The creativity peak is on 10pm and the least creative time is on 4:30pm. The most creativity place in house of course, is bathroom.
So, the best thing to do for creativity is to take a shower :)
More then half people will forgot their ideas if they don't write them down immediately.

January 9, 2009

10 things you shouldn't forget

1. write-down your ideas!

Every idea has to be written, because it will wipe out from your head :)

Later you can give to the written facts new features.

2. don't be afraid to submit your idea

If your company has innovation system, the idea should be submitted through norm innovation process. In a case that you company doesn't have inno-system, you should inform yourself how your idea can be proposed to someone who can help you to realize it.

3. read

Inform yourself everyday with the news from your interests, but also from the topics you never thought about

4. talk with creative people

Talk about your ideas frequently. Talk with creative people can be very inspiring.

5. don't let that failure dispirits you

In the world of innovations failures often happens.

6. inovation attitude is important!

You must be assured in your idea and push it.

7. do you have the customer for your idea?

Does the possible customer for your idea exist? The answer on this question is very important for future of your idea.

8. is your idea new?

Does similar product exist on the market as the one you want to develop?

9. is your idea technically feasible solution?

Can the prototype be made? Can it be done inside your organization? Will the prototype be very expensive or it can be easily done for small costs?

10. make good marketing for your idea

It is very important to well present your idea, innovator must sometimes act as a presenter.