July 28, 2008

mobile broadcasting

I had this idea a year ago, to use mobile phone like an online camera for live broadcasting. My idea had no success, but now, it's available, where else, then in Sweden!
It would be great that you can record some events and broadcast it live. I was yesterday on away game of my favourite football team NK Osijek and I have to report to my father every 20 minutes about the game. If I can broadcast it live to him and everyone else who are interested.
Check out this link.

July 22, 2008

music video created without camera

Well, Radiohead don't stop to impress me. Their video "House of Cards" from album "In rainbows" was filmed without camera or light. They used just 3d scanner (if I figure out it right).
Here is the making of clip:

You can see the video here

July 10, 2008

modular bicycle

This modular bicycle looks great and it have the possiblity to carry a kid in the front in the suitable carrier. It can be easily removed, so that you have ordinary(well, not so ordinary) bicycle back. Take a look at more pictures at: link

July 8, 2008

ip regime (link to text)

In the text "Intellectual Property Regime Stifles Science and Innovation, Nobel Laureates Say" published on ip-watch : there is the strong message about current patent law.
There is certainly room for improvements and there are few good proposals for that in mentioned text.

July 1, 2008

ideation in big company

I had a small brainstorming session today, and I have to defend innovation process.
The problem is that some ideas were rejected in the past, but then they can be seen as successful products from other companies today. This situation in not great for morale of innovator who got rejection mail.
But after few minutes of explaining I got this innovator on the track again and I'm expecting new ideas from him.
I've noticed one thing today which can led to more thought or blog posts in future: it's hard for a big company to be competitive in small market with firms of just 2-5 employees. The problem is of course money, smaller firms can be cheaper(sometimes), but the strong possibility for big company to win in example, public funded project is the opportunity to use the knowledge from variety of projects in the past and to offer some features which can't be produced in small firm.
This is also essential when we think 'which idea can be successful in my country's market + my company can do it and be competitive with other 'players'.